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Jonathan Greenberg

Professional Editor

I help authors set up a clear line of communication from their own words to their reader's minds, by streamlining, cleaning, and polishing. My editing process is a collaborative one, where the goal is to help the author clearly find or maintain their voice, using my edits as guidance.
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Copyediting aka “The Clean, Shine, and Polish”

If your work has been already edited for content, I will copyedit for you—pore over every word, sentence, and paragraph using the Chicago Manual of Style (the industry stylebook standard) and my comprehensive knowledge of ALL the rules of grammar, punctuation and spelling. 

Whether it’s your first book or your twentieth, you’ll want to put your best foot forward with a cleanly copyedited, professional, publish-ready text that you can be proud of.


Developmental Editing aka “The Deep Dive”


All the copyediting benefits plus next-level improvements...


With this more holistic approach to editing, we will work collaboratively to think bigger-picture. I’ll help you with structural and pacing issues such as storyline or narrative arc, paragraph and chapter sequence and content streamlining. I’ll add comments and suggestions that you might choose to take, or ignore (that’s ok too—after all, it’s your work!). 


We will then discuss (video chat or over the phone) my suggestions and the direction you want to go, ironing out the kinks as we work toward a product that matches your vision. 


Revision & Proofreading
Content Development
Strengthening Your Voice


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I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and am currently residing in Riverdale, The Bronx (by way of Providence and Honolulu) with my two young baseball-crazed sons and brilliant pianist wife. I’ve been editing books, magazines, and digital media for over a decade. What began as a passion evolved into a profession, and I’ve read authors’ manuscripts on subjects as diverse as Baseball in 19th Century Japan and 21st Century Extended Techniques for Brass Instruments. 

With degrees from Brown University and Manhattan School of Music in History and Music Performance, respectively, I’ve learned that communication is the ultimate goal—it’s why we write, make art, and create. That’s where I come in.

Let’s work together to communicate your words, thoughts, and ideas to the world. Your book, your magazine, your website is about YOU and your ideas. Let me help you put your work out into the world in the best way possible.



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Jonathan is friendly, professional, easy to work with and has a strong knowledge of baseball history. He helped me with my two latest books, Issei Baseball: The Story of the First Japanese American Ballplayers, and The Pioneers of Japanese America Baseball.  His attention to detail and his insights on the National Pastime greatly improved the manuscripts. I can recommend Jonathan highly.  


Robert K. Fitts, Ph.d

Award-winning author and speaker

Jonathan not only meets deadlines, he sometimes finishes work before a deadline, which is rare these days. He keeps the lines of communication open, makes himself readily available to discuss manuscripts, and returns messages quickly. After editing my books, he took the time to go over any questions or issues I had one-by-one. He was easy to work with, very professional and his attention to detail is impeccable.


James McKnight


Yellow & Black Fever: Life, Love and Baseball in the Land of the Rising Sun

Bad Foreigner: More Stories of Life, Love and Baseball in Japan

Jonathan is a pleasure to work with for so many reasons. In addition to being a proficient editor, he is a great communicator—he is always responsive, friendly, and professional. I know that after Jonathan sees my online content, it will be something to be proud to display under my brand's name.


Shane Barclay


Jonathan takes pride in his work. I believe that not only will he do his job well for clients, but that he will continue to study and refine his range of skills.


Kim Catanzarite

Editor and Instructor at the Writer's Digest University

Author and Editor



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